Variation on a Theme: Mocha Swirls of Uncertainty

I’m hooked.  My morning coffee routine lately is simple. Some might call it wrong to enjoy Via Instant packets, no freshly ground beans, no French Press. It’s what works in my kitchen these days. I’m getting ready to move and already downsized and packed, which means no French Press, no coffee grinder, not even spoons. It’s liberating to stir with a fork or knife. I do have a favorite coffee cup, which I painted with my favorite girl in January to set intentions for 2019. Today it becomes the canvas and container of my creativity.

Yesterday my morning coffee turned into a swirling mocha metaphor, finding my center of the hurricane of uncertainty. I’m compelled to explore the metaphor further. And thanks to the Clips app, I saw life with new eyes yesterday while droving around this sunshiny island, as if applying various photo filters for fun. So this morning, I couldn’t help repeating my experiment, with a different cup.

Join me for a slow minute-twenty of swirling self-centering.

“Love. Light. Laughter. Joy. Let only these in.” That is my mantra.

Add Ganesha, the destroyer of obstacles and the writer of books with a broken tusk.

Add boiling water.

Add chocolate hazelnut milk.

Swirl with silver-plated butter knife. I note which way I stir. Counterclockwise. Isn’t that interesting. Is my mocha a micrometaphorical typhoon, not a hurricane?

Today’s mocha swirl has me noticing that the calm center of my storm resembles the planets in motion. Gathering into each other. Coalescing. A circle of light chases and highlights the rotating bubbles. Breath slows simply by watching.

Did you see the solar system in your swirling coffee bubbles this morning?

My intentions to slow down go awry as I choose instead to slurp and snap sequences of the coffee disappearing.

I notice bird tweets serenading my swirls. Today is the first day I’ve opened the window and it’s really too chilly. But not for the birds. Happy singers. Best soundtrack for today.

The last drink reveals what I planned all along as I painted my New Year resolution with Grace:

When all is said and sipped–or speedily swallowed–for the sake of generating creative snapshots for sharing, at the bottom is JOY.

What’s swirling in your morning thoughts?

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